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  1. National Insecure Work Inquiry begins in Brisbane

    Posted 14 February 2012 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    Yesterday the Howe Indpendent Inquiry into Insecure Work began as the first of twenty three locations around Australia. QLD Division Secretary, Margaret Lee, and two casual academics appeared before ...

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    Media Release
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    ACTU's Insecure Work Hearings 120213

    • Published: 14 Feb, 2012
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  2. SMH article: Ageing academics set timebomb

    Posted 17 January 2011 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    An article highlighting the implications of the ageing academic workforce was published in the Sun Herald yesterday. You can find the online link here.

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  3. NTEU on Academic Casualisation in University World News

    Posted 12 December 2010 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    University World News reported earlier this week on the new analysis of academic casual numbers conducted by Griffith researcher Robyn May. The NTEU's position, calling the attention of the sector to ...

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  4. Media Release: Scale of Casual Teaching a Wake-Up Call for Australian Universities

    Posted 8 December 2010 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    NTEU President, Jeannie Rea, today responded with unease over the latest available data extrapolating the scale of casual teaching at Australian universities. Collected directly from the university ...

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  5. The Real Academic Revolution Research Briefing

    Posted 26 November 2010 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    LH Martin Institute has released a report co-authored by Hamish Coates and Leo Goedegebuure which identifies the pressures facing the academic workforce and strategies for reshaping the academic ...

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  6. NTEU Intellectual Property FAQ

    Posted 19 November 2010 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    Since UWA vs Gray, the certainty some universities assumed about the common law ownership of various kinds of IP produced by university staff and students has been significantly changed.

    This ...

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