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  1. Australian Universities Today and Tomorrow, NTEU’s Future of Higher Education Conference

    Posted 8 December 2011 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    22-23 February 2012 - University of Sydney

    Registration is now open for our Future of the Higher Education Sector Conference Australian Universities Today and Tomorrow.

    Please note that registration is necessary. Register online by clicking here. Registration is $80 for NTEU members; there is no charge to casual members and full time students, and it is $200 for others. With a limit of 150 participants, this will be a high level, intensive and interactive conference. Places will fill quickly.

    We are organising this timely conference because NTEU believes that it is now the appropriate time to both reflect upon what is changing and consider the impacts. It is time to cast the public debate wider and deeper to pose the more profound question as to what we expect of our universities today and tomorrow. The objective of the conference is to better position the NTEU as major actor in the debates about Australian higher and tertiary education.

    The conference is organised around a series of six thematic panels over two days. Speakers have been asked to reflect upon their knowledge and experience, to consider the issues of today and projecting into the future and to interrogate the ideological drivers, as well as political pragmatics about what is going to shape the future of our universities. Following some framing remarks from the Chair, each session will have a panel of 3-4 speakers addressing specific aspects of the theme, followed by debate amongst the panellists and Q&A with the audience. The themes are:

    1. Funding policies
    2. Regulation and governance
    3. Students
    4. The public intellectual
    5. The 21stcentury university employee
    6. The international

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