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  1. Media Release: Higher education: the alternative

    Posted 6 August 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    Contrary to claims from Universities Australia and Christopher Pyne, there is an alternative to the sweeping and unfair changes to higher education proposed by the Abbott Government: better funding.


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  2. Would Albert Einstein define Christopher Pyne’s higher education reforms as madness?

    Posted 6 August 2014 by Paul Kniest (NTEU National Office)

    In a story published in the Australian Higher Education Section of 6 August 2014 (Andrew Forrest, BCA ‘need reality check’ on VET reforms) reporter John Ross reminds us that Albert ...

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  3. Media Release: Budget cuts of over $1.5b per year give universities no choice

    Posted 5 August 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    The impact of the Federal Budget’s 20% per student funding cut leaves universities with a massive funding black hole amounting to more than $1.5 billion a year from 2019 onwards, argues the ...

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  4. Media Release: University of Sydney library sheds workers, cuts services

    Posted 31 July 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    The University of Sydney is in the midst of a major cutback to campus library services, with plans to remove collections from four libraries: Medical, Dentistry, Badham and Camden, restrictions on ...

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  5. Support the call for a University of Sydney Convocation

    Posted 14 July 2014 by Genevieve Kelly (University of Sydney)

    This year's federal budget included major changes to higher education that will affect how governments fund universities and how universities levy fees. In a word -- deregulation. The Government's ...

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  6. Media Release: Government’s higher education changes will cost marginal seats

    Posted 14 July 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    Independent polling commissioned by the National Tertiary Education Union has confirmed that a range of marginal Government MPs would lose their seats if an election were held tomorrow.

    The poll ...

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    Fact Sheet
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    UMR Polling_All Seats_14Jul2014

    • Published: 14 Jul, 2014

  7. Bust the Budget

    Posted 4 July 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    Bust the Budget rallies will be held in cities across Australia this Sunday, 6 July.

    If you are upset about the changes to higher education that were kept secret prior to the election, then join us ...

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  8. The case against government funding of private non-university higher education providers

    Posted 4 July 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU has produced a fact sheet outlining the case against the government funding private, non-university higher education providers (NUHEPs).

    The research was compiled in response to changes outlined in the 2014-15 Federal Budget, specifically the decision to extend funding for Commonwealth supported places (CSPs) to non-university public and private providers, including for-profit provides.

    Fully contestable markets for the allocation of VET places have been a spectacular failure in Victoria, and the NTEU is concered that similar havoc would be wreaked on the higher education system more broadly should these policies be introduced

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  9. Media Release: Thousands to protest against unfair and cruel budget

    Posted 11 June 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    Thousands of people will take to the streets tomorrow in Bust the Budget Rallies to demonstrate their opposition to the Abbott-Hockey Government’s first budget. Rallies will be held around the ...

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  10. New Greens website shows debt for students and graduates under new arrangements

    Posted 4 June 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    The Greens have launched a website to help millions of students, graduates, future students and their families understand how the Coalition Government’s extreme and regressive changes to higher ...

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