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Welcome to the homepage for Women's issues at the National Tertiary Education Union.

NTEU is committed to enhancing the participation and voice of women members. Women hold positions of influence and power at all levels of the Union, are active on the Union's enterprise bargaining teams, and contribute to the development of the Union’s strategy.  

The Union has been a leader in many areas concerning women and their professional and employment rights, and provides support for other women through the ACTU and other non-government organisations. NTEU published the first national pay equity study done in Australia, and this has encouraged a broader commitment to pay equity within the labour movement.  

At a national level, the NTEU Women’s Action Committee and the biennial Women’s Conference develop this work. The Union publishes an annual women's magazine, Agenda.



Latest news

  1. SA WAC wins SA Unions Award for Blue Stocking Week 2014

    Posted 2 December 2014 by Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU's Women's Action Committee (WAC) is very pleased to announce that our activities for Blue Stocking Week in SA this year were recognised by Unions SA, with the event being awarded for ...

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    SA WAC accepts Unions SA Award
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  2. NTEU Calls on Universities to Commit to White Ribbon Day by Reinstating Survey of Sexual Assaults on Campus

    Posted 25 November 2014 by Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU is deeply concerned over recent media reports that a plan to collect and share data about sexual assaults on university campuses have been ‘quietly shelved’, despite many ...

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  3. NTEU Calls on Government to make Gender Equity an Urgent Priority

    Posted 25 November 2014 by Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office)

    A new study by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has highlighted the urgent need for action on gender equity in the workforce, finding that women make up just a quarter of those employed in ...

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  4. Australia falls in international gender ranking

    Posted 31 October 2014 by Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office)

    News that Australia has slipped in the international rankings for the latest global gender gap index is disappointing but predicatable.

    Australia is now 24th on the gender ...

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  5. Union warns women earn less but could still pay more

    Posted 13 October 2014 by edXpress (edXpress)

    The NTEU has warned that women graduates could end up earning less but still pay off increased student debts, should the Government’s plans to deregulate fees and introduce interest rates on ...

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