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University of Canberra

Posts tagged with UC

  1. Union criticises University of Canberra elite recruitment bid

    Posted 29 July 2013 by Carmel Shute (NTEU National Office)

    The ACT Division of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) has criticised the announcement by University of Canberra (UC) management that it will spend $15 million to recruit a small number of ...

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  2. Not the beginning of a beautiful friendship – University of Canberra/Holmesglen TAFE deal off

    Posted 1 February 2013 by edXpress (edXpress)

    The University of Canberra’s (UC) plans to establish a branch campus at one of Melbourne’s biggest TAFEs – Holmesglen in the city’s south-east – foundered late last ...

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  3. UC Union News November 2012

    Posted 23 November 2012 by Jane Maze (ACT Division)

    The latest issue of UC Union News focuses on Enterprise Bargaining, explaining the process and outlining what improvements to pay and conditions the NTEU will negotiate for when it meets ...

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  4. The NTEU has served its Log of Claims for the next Enterprise Agreement on UC

    Posted 16 October 2012 by Jane Maze (ACT Division)

    The NTEU served the following log of claims on UC management last Thursday 11th October and requested that negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement commence. There will be regular reports ...

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    (196 KB) - PDF

    UC Formal Log of Claims October 11 2012

    • Published: 16 Oct, 2012

    NTEU's Formal Log of Claims for collective bargaining at the University of Canberra, 2012

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  5. Smart Casuals handbook for the University of Canberra

    Posted 7 July 2011 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

    2011 edition of Smart Casuals, NTEU handbook for casual and sessional academic staff. This version customised for staff at the University of

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  6. NTEU members join the Conversation

    Posted 29 June 2011 by Jane Maze (ACT Division)

    Have you seen the recently launched website, The Conversation? It describes itself as 'an independent source of information, analysis and commentary from the university and research sector – ...

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  7. New edition of UC Union News

    Posted 2 May 2011 by Jane Maze (ACT Division)

    This edition of UC Union News has stories about bullying, the mooted UC/CIT merger, how to resolve grievances about UC work conditions, upcoming payrises, and why union membership is a matter for ...

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    (360 KB) - PDF

    UC Union News May 2011

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  8. Petition to support The Education Centre, University of Canberra

    Posted 22 October 2010 by Jane Maze (ACT Division)

    Please click the 'Take action' button below to sign a petition to maintain a dedicated Education Centre. Add your signature* and any personal comment you wish to make.

    *The petition will go to the ...

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  9. New UC NTEU representatives elected

    Posted 1 September 2010 by Jane Maze (ACT Division)

    The Australian Electoral Commission has now declared the results of the NTEU elections.

    At the University of Canberra, the following candidates were elected unopposed. Their two year term starts on ...

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  10. New edition of UC Union News out now

    Posted 2 August 2010 by Jane Maze (ACT Division)

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    (362 KB) - PDF

    UC Union News

    News on improving and protecting rights of fixed-term and casual staff, new Women's Action Committee members, delegate training, and NTEU staff changes.

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