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  1. Motions Passed at Members Meeting - June 03, 2013

    Posted 3 June 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    At the NTEU Members' Meeting of Monday, June 03, the following motions were passed. Members reaffirmed their committment to a campaign of industrial action in order to secure a fair Enterprise Agreement.

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  2. Let Them Eat Cake?

    Posted 3 June 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Management have made staff a salary offer of 2.5% per annum. This is not a serious offer, especially when we consider that it will not keep pace with CPI, meaning that that in real terms it represents a wage cut for staff over the life of the proposed agreement. In addition, management also proposes to make cuts to staff working conditions.

    All of this is more egregious when senior management's remuneration packages are taken into

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  3. Message of Support from NTEU General Secretary, Grahame McCulloch

    Posted 3 June 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    This week Grahame McCulloch, the NTEU National Secretary sent a message of support to members at Sydney University who are preparing to embark on a 5th Day of industrial action on Wednesday, June 05.


    I am sorry I am unable to attend today’s very important meeting. On behalf of the National Executive I urge you to support further industrial action later this week.

    The University of Sydney management is attempting to break the authority of the union in order to impose its managerialist agenda – reduced authority for review committees, more punitive performance assessment, reduced union rights and a grossly inadequate salary offer.

    The whole sector is watching this dispute, and the course of bargaining across Australia will be partly determined by the Sydney outcome.

    With your support and determination this dispute can be won.


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  4. Open Letter to the Vice Chancellor - Nick Riemer

    Posted 3 June 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    [Y]ou have continually reasserted your authority and doggedly refused to admit the depth of the institution’s problems under your leadership. In the face of widespread and solid opposition, you have simply insisted on the legitimacy of your decisions, often in the name of the very values, like ‘accountability’, that you consistently violate in your own practice. Mostly, though, you have chosen to remain silent – and into the breach flows the steady stream of hypocritical and infantilizing marketing, unworthy of a university, that substitutes for actual internal dialogue: the University has sponsored this, has done that, has appeared here, has secured donations there – is, in short, the best of all possible worlds.
    This cannot mask the fact that for months now we have been in a cycle characterized by deep disquiet and protracted conflict, against the background of your determination to ignore – and, indeed, to try to suppress – the unions, the bodies democratically representing staff on campus. After months of asking your bargainers to talk with us seriously, strikes have proven to be our only means of making our voices heard. It’s on the pickets, I might add, while trying to explain the reasons for striking, that we have been abused, spat on and threatened – and also sometimes violently manhandled – in a handful of cases, wounded – by the police whose ‘assistance’ you have told students you ‘welcome’. None of this is any way to relate to the staff and students you claim to respect.
    This pattern of intransigence is not a mere matter of your personal style: it is something for which you and other senior managers are specifically rewarded.

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  5. Motion Passed at Members Meeting - May 29, 2013

    Posted 31 May 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    At the recent NTEU Members' Meeting held on May 29, 2013 the following motions were passed

    That this meeting of NTEU members notes:

    • the report of the bargaining team;
    • that real progress that has been made at bargaining on a range of issues;
    • that substantial issues remain unresolved, relating to job-security, union rights, superannuation and salary;
    • that there are two more bargaining meetings scheduled for this week.

    That this meeting of NTEU members calls a further members’ meeting for Monday June 3, at 1pm in the General Lecture Theatre (Main Quad) to consider the report from the bargaining table, build for the June 05 Strike and discuss future industrial action in Week One, Semester 2.


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  6. UPDATED: Industrial Action Hardship Fund

    Posted 29 May 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    NTEU Hardship Fund Available for Casual and Part-Time NTEU Members who participate in strike action
    The Hardship Fund was set up following our first days of industrial action to ...

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  7. Why We Need to Go On Strike

    Posted 29 May 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Sydney University staff have made another video articulating their reasons for taking further strike action on Wednesday, June 05.

    Why We Need to Go on Strike

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  8. Strike Resources for June 05.

    Posted 28 May 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Here are some resources for you to download that will enable discussion about the upcoming strike action on Wednesday June 05.

    (434 KB) - PDF
    (428 KB) - PDF

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  9. Enterprise Bargaining BBQ

    Posted 22 May 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    We are holding a BBQ for NTEU Members on Monday, May 27 from 12:30-2:00.

    Come along and have lunch with your colleagues, friends and comrades and let's celebrate our successes and share our stories and experiences from the campaign so far. 

    NTEU Members’ BBQ

    Where:   Roof Top BBQ above the Squash Courts

    When:   Monday, May 27


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  10. Open Letter to University Management - Helen Dunstan

    Posted 13 May 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    We come now to the saddest part: the fact that you, our Vice Chancellor and our Provost, have alienated yourselves from us.  Just when unity and cooperation are most needed in the face of ferocious budget cuts, and when our advice on all manner of issues could be of the most value to you, we find that the only manner in which we can realistically engage with you is through adversarial industrial processes.  The reality is that the issues go much deeper than those that are at stake in the present round of Enterprise Bargaining, and they require the best efforts of all of us, including some good old-fashioned humility on your parts, if they are to be solved.

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