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Your UoN Staff Consultative Committees


Your UoN Staff Consultative Committees (CC) are established under the University of Newcastle Staff Enterprise Agreements (http://www.nteu.org.au/newcastle/agreement).  Through these Committees NTEU representatives meet with University management representatives to raise issues of staff concern.

Your NTEU - Working for all staff at UoN.

Your NTEU Staff CC representatives are

General Staff Consultative Committee:  Fran Munt and Margaret Clarke

Teachers Consultative Committee: Sue Hodgson

Academic Staff Consultative Committee: Tom Griffiths and Suzanne Ryan

The NTEU is the only Union that has Staff Representatives on all University Consultative Committees and so is well placed to use our collective strength to pursue issues on behalf of all University staff.

You can read the latest from the CC meetings on the UoN web page at



Please send any issues or questions you would like raised through your NTEU Consultative Committees Reps to the NTEU Newcastle Branch Office at newcastle@nteu.org.au or 49216870.

How you can help ensure our agreements help protect workplace rights at the University of Newcastle?  

  • Ask your colleagues to join the NTEU –stronger, together.
  • Become a union contact or delegate in your work area and become a link between your Union and your workplace.
  • Make sure everyone knows about the NTEU in your workplace and ask new staff to join the NTEU @ www.nteu.org.au/join
  • Would you like the the NTEU to hold a ‘Know your Agreements’ lunch meeting at your workplace? Contact Jenny Whittard ( your Branch Organiser) Newcastle@nteu.org.au  T: 49216870.